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Keller Williams & The Hartley Team

by The Hartley Team

Keller Williams and The Hartley Team

Just recently The Hartley Team was told that a client of ours had never heard of Keller Williams Realty before contacting us. We were flabbergasted! So, we decided to take a bit of time to elaborate on who Keller Williams Realty is, what they are about, and why they offer our clients so much more than any other realty company, especially in Tippecanoe County.

Keller Williams Realty was established in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams. It has grown from that office into approximately 700 offices, and 80,000 associates! We have also received numerous awards! You can find the details of the awards on the Keller Williams website under their rewards or by clicking here:  Keller Williams Awards.


But here’s a short summary. In 2012, Keller Williams was ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as the Highest Overall Satisfaction For Home Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms**. Keller Williams Real Estate Agents are concerned about making sure that customers are satisfied! We were also listed as one of the top 5,000 fastest growing private companies in America, one of the Top 10 Workplaces in America by Workplace Dynamics, and in 2013 we were ranked the #1 Real Estate Agency in the United States by agent count.  

**(Keller Williams Realty received the highest numerical score among full service real estate firms for home sellers in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Home Buyer/Seller StudySM Study based on 2,994 total evaluations measuring five firms and measures opinions of individuals who sold a home between March 2011 and April 2012. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed March-May 2012. Your experiences may vary. Visit jdpower.com.)


All this may seem impressive, but what does that really mean for you? As mentioned above, Keller Williams is truly concerned about customer satisfaction. But we are also concerned about agent satisfaction. This means that you will be working with agents that are enjoying what they do and are excited to be helping you buy or sell a home.

Another thing that sets Keller Williams apart is the ability to utilize new technologies. Keller Williams has designed their own software solution for their agents called e-edge, consistently seeks to help agents learn the newest technologies, and even throws a yearly technology conference called Mega Camp. So, to answer the question, “Why should I work with Keller Williams?”, we would respond with, “Why work with anyone else?”

Tippecanoe County's Feast Of the Hunter's Moon 2012

by Dan Hartley Group

Hosted by The Tippecanoe County Historical Association

The birthing of a new nation does not happen on a regular basis. To live through such an experience would be something worth writing books about. Many of us will never get to experience such an event, let alone write the books. But that does not mean that we cannot experience a re-creation of that time period.

While you may not experience the sense of gravity one would have had during the time period, it is still possible to get a taste of buffalo, to see someone shoot a musket, or request a special item be handcrafted on a smithy’s forge, a cooper’s mallet and chisel, or a bowl-maker’s whittling tools. The Hartley Team decided to send out its new administrator to experience this period, the period of the birthing of the United States of America. We want to share his experience with you. So, put down the musket, make yourself a cup of apple cider, kick off your moccasins, and read along as our Administrator describes his experience at The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.


From Our Administrator, Travis Stockton:

I was overwhelmed by the amount of tents and bodies. Row after row of tents dotted the landscape as individuals wove themselves in and out of the tents to purchase a trinket, taste some buffalo stew, or to barter for a hand-woven bag. There were hundreds of people seeking to re-live that time period which our country is most proud of.

Individuals go to great lengths to recreate it. They live the part the entire weekend. Many will camp out, living in tents and tee-pees, and forego all modern conveniences such as televisions and iPods. This helps add to the ambiance and on occasion, the smell.

Children will join in the activities, selling various goods and dressing up as children of the time period. But this is only a part of what brings a person to “awe” at the power of this festival.

What really struck me though, is the history. Everywhere I looked, I saw history. It was in every costume, every trade craft, and in every shot of a musket. It hit me in the face everywhere I turned. It was hidden in every shadow, hiding unseen by the naked eye.

To really understand the history, we must dig deeper, deeper than this blog post will go. But perhaps a drop of history will cause a ripple of interest into the background behind this feast. A short snippet of history then, is in order!

The fort was established in 1717 by the governor of New France. What is ‘New France’? Well, after North America had been discovered, all the major powers of the time endeavored to establish trade with the newly discovered continent. The various countries continued to fight for control over it. France considered the entire continent to be theirs and laid claim to the continent in name and in deed. They named the continent ‘New France’.

The fort was established on the Wabash River and generally housed less than 40 people at a time, a fraction of the amount of people that attended this year’s event. The fort endured many transitions as the powers involved in the region fluctuated. Control went from the French, to the British, and eventually the fort was burned down. It was reconstructed in the 1960's.

If you are intrigued by American History and have not experienced The Feast Of The Hunter’s Moon, this is the place to be. History can be found in text books, but there is something about this festival that brings its past to life. Seeing the flag stirs something deep. It stirs up a sense of strength and appreciation. Appreciation for what this country has gone through, and what we are capable of facing in the future.

Trulia.com's Top 5 Buyer Turn Off's

by Travis Stockton


Every seller is looking for tips on how to improve their home so it will sell quicker. Here is a list of Trulia.com's top five buyer turn offs that you should be aware of as you prepare to sell your home.

1. Swimming Pools

2. Your stuff

3. Carpet

4. Gold Bathroom Fixtures

5. Elaborate gardens and/or vast landscaping

1. Swimming Pools. Believe it or not, swimming pools are becoming a big turn-off due to the realization of how much work a pool takes and how little they end up being used. The numbers indicate there are more people afraid of their children drowning, of the work involved in a pool, and losing yard-space than there are people interested in having a pool.

2.  Your stuff. While your stuff perfectly fits your home, not everyone would agree! Professional Stagers and a listing agent can help give a home a feel that the majority of buyers will appreciate.

3. Carpet. As soft and cushy as carpet may be, many home buyers are preferring hard floors. There is an increasing concern that carpet's maintenance and replacement costs outweigh the benefits of having carpet. While buyers still desire carpet in bedrooms, most buyers are looking for anything from wood to cement flooring in most rooms. 

4. Gold Bathroom Fixtures. Despite how rich you may feel with all that gold in your bathroom, most buyers don't feel like this adds value to your home. In fact, most are turning away from the gold, and looking for something a touch less Midas-y (pun intended!) 

5. Elaborate gardens or landscaping. With today's rushed culture, are we surprised? Gardening is quickly being replaced with hectic schedules, and alternative forms of relaxation such as digital gardening on games like "Farmville", "Gardenville" and "Who wants to go outsideville?" People are turning from gardens and landscaping because of a lack of resources (time, money, energy, and water). Therefore, be careful about how well you trim the verge before you sell your home! 


If your home has any or all of these issues, your house can still be sold, it just needs to be marketed right and priced right. If you're not sure of where to go with all this advice, call us and we'll do our best to help you get your home sold. You can reach Dan at 765-807-7171 or email at Dan@TheHartleyTeam.com!

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