Every seller is looking for tips on how to improve their home so it will sell quicker. Here is a list of Trulia.com's top five buyer turn offs that you should be aware of as you prepare to sell your home.

1. Swimming Pools

2. Your stuff

3. Carpet

4. Gold Bathroom Fixtures

5. Elaborate gardens and/or vast landscaping

1. Swimming Pools. Believe it or not, swimming pools are becoming a big turn-off due to the realization of how much work a pool takes and how little they end up being used. The numbers indicate there are more people afraid of their children drowning, of the work involved in a pool, and losing yard-space than there are people interested in having a pool.

2.  Your stuff. While your stuff perfectly fits your home, not everyone would agree! Professional Stagers and a listing agent can help give a home a feel that the majority of buyers will appreciate.

3. Carpet. As soft and cushy as carpet may be, many home buyers are preferring hard floors. There is an increasing concern that carpet's maintenance and replacement costs outweigh the benefits of having carpet. While buyers still desire carpet in bedrooms, most buyers are looking for anything from wood to cement flooring in most rooms. 

4. Gold Bathroom Fixtures. Despite how rich you may feel with all that gold in your bathroom, most buyers don't feel like this adds value to your home. In fact, most are turning away from the gold, and looking for something a touch less Midas-y (pun intended!) 

5. Elaborate gardens or landscaping. With today's rushed culture, are we surprised? Gardening is quickly being replaced with hectic schedules, and alternative forms of relaxation such as digital gardening on games like "Farmville", "Gardenville" and "Who wants to go outsideville?" People are turning from gardens and landscaping because of a lack of resources (time, money, energy, and water). Therefore, be careful about how well you trim the verge before you sell your home! 


If your home has any or all of these issues, your house can still be sold, it just needs to be marketed right and priced right. If you're not sure of where to go with all this advice, call us and we'll do our best to help you get your home sold. You can reach Dan at 765-807-7171 or email at Dan@TheHartleyTeam.com!